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How much is Transfer Tax and who pays for it in SF?

The Transfer Tax on Real Property is based on the total value or consideration for the property.

$100 to $250,000: $2.50 per $500 of value.
$250,000 up to $1,000,000: $3.40.
$1,000,000+: $3.75.

Who pays the Transfer Tax?

Most often in San Francisco the seller pays the Transfer Tax. Two exceptions are if you purchase property through probate or in a new development.


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San Francisco Transfer Tax Rates are based on Sale Price!

Not sure if all you sellers are aware, the transfer tax in SF is based on the purchase price. Here is how it’s calculated…

Housing Price Range : Calculation

$100.01 – $250k : $5/$1000 of property value

$250,000.01 – $999,999,99 : $6.80/$1000 of property value

$1 mil + : $7.50/$1000 of property value

As a note, in San Francisco, it’s customary for the seller to pay the transfer taxes.  Rarely buyers may pay if it’s a new construction.

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