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How to stop getting junk mails?

I went to a green festival last weekend and got some really good information that I wanted to pass on to people.  As you know, going green also means making a strong attempt to conserve and create less junk paper.  Well, we receive tons of junk mail everyday, here is how we can stop it!!!!

Go to the following places and request your name be taken off their lists:

1. Direct Mail: direct marketing association charges $1 to be taken off their list (I know, it’s ridiculous).  DMA is the single largest provider of direct mail lists.  For your sanity and for the world, just do it…

Write a letter and send it to:  DMA Mail Preference Service, PO Box 282, Carmel, NY 10512 or online at (

2. Sweepstakes (Publishers Clearinghouse is the biggest, call them at 800 645 9242and ask to be taken off.

3. Shopping Flyers: Valpack coupons: 1-800-237-6266

4. Junk Faxes:  The best way to stop junk fax is to contact the sender of the fax.  If they won’t stop, file a complaint to consumer information bureau at 888-225-5322 (

5. Catalogues:  Contact the catalogue and tell them you want to be taken off their list.  You can also write them letters.  You can download a copy of a sample letter at

6. Make sure when you buy stuff on line or phone that you tell them you DO NOT WANT them to sell your contact.  You also tell them you do not want promotional materials…

7. Cal your service providers like insurance, banks, etc. and ask them not to send you promotional materials…

I hope this gives you a good place to start getting less junk mail and helping to save our planet…



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