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Sustainable Living… A true green home built by a family, lived by a family

I found this website about a family that built a eco-friendly home. It’s not one of those modern architecture buildings with solar panels. What I am talking about is a truly organic home that will leave very little eco-footprint in the world.Front of House

The short story goes like this. A financially constrained family that are committed to being full-time parents to their 2 children, with deep concerns and convictions about the earth, had an offer from a landlord to move to his woodland in west Wales to build an eco-house. There was no security deposit collected or long term ownership, but £2000 was available for materials. The family went on their way to design and build their organic home, and here are some pictures… Inside

I’m very touched by the voice of this family. What they stand for, and the choices they are making.  Needless to say, this looks like a beautiful, beautiful home.


Take a look at the website and the interview by a student to this family.

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