Who lives in San Francisco and how can people afford properties in SF?

In the process of understanding the demographics of people in SF, I came across some data that I thought people might be interested.  This data was recently compiled by Info USA, a company that provides consumer databases.  Here is a breakdown in terms of age groups…  Not to my surprise, there are very little seniors living in the city and with the cost of living, it’s probably also more difficult for people under 25 to live here.  However, with all these people, there are over 260,000 people that make less than 60k, 86,000 people that make between 60k to 100k, and only 108,000 people make over 100k a year.  With more than 40% of homes costing more than 500K and how strong the real estate market is in San Francisco, I wonder if the single people out there would try to obtain home ownership by partnering up with friends.  It might be a good strategy for some people so that they can start the process of wealth accumulation.  Thoughts?

Age Group No. of People Percentage
under 25 13915 4%
25-39 118779 30%
40-49 111251 28%
50-64 102275 26%
64+ 45368 12%

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