Ten Critical Steps in a Green Remodel

  1. Get an energy audit.  You need a base line to understand what is needed for your project.  Most states and utilities offer energy audits.
  2. Fix or upgrade your insulation to keep out heat/cold.
  3. Get better windows that seal out the heat/cold, watch the edges.
  4. Get a highly efficient heating and cooling system to match your needs and ask the utility company to hook you up to the green power.
  5. Plan for a good air exchange system to ensure your home has healthy air.
  6. Make sure your paint, carpets, furniture, and wood is made of sustainable, zero-VOC materials.
  7. Landscape with less grass and use rain gardens that require minimal water.
  8. Use anything that reduces or recycles water, such as low-flow restrictors on faucets.
  9. Come up with a plan/system to recycle within the home.
  10. Work with a professional or organization with experience in green remodeling to keep the costs down and make sure everything works.


  • Recycle or reuse what you deconstruct, if possible.
  • If you replace or install new appliances, make sure they’re the most energy and water efficient appliances you can find.
  • Use locally sourced materials where possible.

Here is a look at the world’s first LEED PLATINUM HOME REMODEL…




  1. ingipuff said

    here is also how you can do your own energy audit…


  2. Some really great tips.

    I agree, you need to hire someone with a professional background in green remodeling or building. They know what they are doing and you will likely face fewer problems (if they arise) down the road.


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